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Release of the second batch of Chinese household hardware group standards against EU standards

Issuing time:2022-06-15 10:56

It was learned at the 2017 China International Hardware Exhibition and China International Kitchen Expo, which ended in Shanghai on October 25, that the second batch of Chinese home hardware group standards were officially released at the exhibition, and the third batch of Chinese hardware group standards was officially launched. What attracted more attention was the release of the governance standard benchmarking test report between domestic * * enterprises and foreign high-end brands. The report showed that the Chinese household hardware group standards and product technical indicators represented by * * enterprise "Dongtai hardware" have comprehensively surpassed the EU, and some indicators have filled the gap of similar standards at home and abroad. This standard has been at the commanding height of industry competition.

Formulate group standards to guide the upgrading of the whole industrial chain

Liurunfeng, the full-time vice president of China Hardware Association, introduced at the press conference that the group standard is to implement the reform plan for deepening standardization work of the State Council. According to the guiding opinions on cultivating and developing group standards issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the China National Standardization Administration, the China Hardware Association authorizes and entrusts Foshan Shunde District Home Hardware Association Led by the overall kitchen branch of China Hardware Association, the establishment of group standards is based on the high quality standards of * * enterprises in the industry, benchmarking the EU standards, giving full play to the leading role of group standards in the market, so as to drive the linkage of upstream and downstream industries, improve the quality of the industry, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Zhangdongli, executive director of China Hardware Association, said in his speech that the second batch of China household hardware group standards is another batch of group standards piloted by China Hardware Association. The four group standards released this time include the home hardware sliding door pulley system, home functional hardware pull basket, home stainless steel integrated kitchen cabinet, home kitchen waste processor, etc. the formulation of the standards fully reflects the characteristics of "high, new and fast". Zhangdongli said that the successful release of the standard is conducive to leading industrial upgrading through the standard, improving product and service quality, implementing the "made in China 2025" strategy, responding to the "three product strategy" of "improving quality, increasing variety and creating brand" proposed by the state, improving the quality of China's high-end household hardware products and promoting the promotion of national manufacturing brands. At the same time, the release of the group's standards will also play a leading role in the construction and development of China's hardware industry base.

Gaoyanmin, director of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in his speech that the four group standards released today focus on applicability, guidance and innovation, and play a very important role in improving the home hardware industry. They are an important embodiment of the effective implementation of the reform plan for deepening standardization in the home hardware industry, as well as the effective implementation of the national "three product strategy" in the home hardware industry, It has realistic and long-term significance for promoting industry upgrading.

Wanghaidong, deputy director of the quality management department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, said in his speech that the release of China's group standard during the world hardware conference in China is a signal to the world that China's hardware industry attaches importance to quality, standards and brand building. One of the main tasks of our hardware industry in the future is to continuously improve the quality. To improve the quality, we must start from the standard. The standard determines the quality, and the quality makes the brand. We hope that the majority of enterprises will unswervingly follow the road of quality brand. Pay attention to standards, quality and brand creation.

Domestic * * enterprises are better than EU standards

At the group standard press conference, China Hardware Association also held the "Dongtai hardware" benchmarking conference with foreign high-end products, that is, to release the quality benchmarking test report of domestic * * enterprises and foreign * * brands. According to the report, the products of Chinese household hardware * * enterprises represented by "Dongtai hardware" have surpassed the index of foreign * * brands in terms of salt spray test and environmental protection performance. An important report was released to arouse attention. According to liurunfeng, the full-time vice president of China Hardware Association, in the second half of this year, China Hardware Association launched the benchmarking between the group standards of "buffered concealed hinges for home use" and "buffered drawer guide rails for home use" and foreign high-end products. Through the benchmarking between the performance of * * enterprise "Dongtai hardware" and similar products of foreign * * brands, it gave voice to national brands, And to promote the quality of China's high-end home hardware products.

Buffered drawer guide rail for home use and buffered concealed hinge for home use are the first group standards for home hardware in China. The overall level of this standard is higher than the European standard. Because our industry has certain technical support, we are confident to do this benchmarking, Liu Runfeng said. The "Dongtai hardware" benchmarked with foreign high-end similar products this time is a representative enterprise of Chinese brands moving towards internationalization, and it is also the main drafting unit of * * batch of Chinese household hardware group standards. The relevant person in charge of Dongtai hardware group said in his speech that our benchmarking activities are intended to play a leading and exemplary role in the practice of group standards. After 26 years of development, Dongtai has become a world-class hardware enterprise. It has made breakthroughs in salt spray test, environmental protection performance, sinking volume, damping buffer and other indicators, surpassing similar products of foreign * * brands. After this benchmarking, we are more confident and confident. Dongtai will continue to strictly follow the standards, benchmark foreign high-end products, challenge the world's cutting-edge home hardware technology, continue to carry out independent innovation and research and development, drive the improvement of the overall research and development level through the research and development of high-end products, and establish our brand image rich in technology.

Shi senglan, director of China Hardware Association, said that this encouraging Benchmarking Report is a great achievement of the in-depth practice of group standards in China's home hardware industry. From the formulation, release and promotion of the * * batch of group standards to the issuance and project approval of the second batch of group standards, the awareness of standard competition has taken root in the hearts of entrepreneurs. The formulation of group standards has gradually become a new normal for enterprises to seize the commanding heights of industry development, and continuously strengthen their radiation and influence, so as to promote the value chain of the industry, including technical level and competitiveness, from the middle and low end to the middle and high end, Promote the regional economy to realize the connotative development oriented by quality and benefit. Shishenglan expressed the hope that through the formulation of group standards, more powerful and far sighted enterprises can actively participate in the improvement of product quality and build our brand made in China.

"The supply side structural reform proposed by the central government at the beginning of last year is to solve the problem that our high-end market in China does not match the growing consumption level of the people." shishanglan said that although our brand has reached the level of similar products in the world in terms of quality, our brand has not been recognized in the minds of consumers and consumers do not recognize it. Therefore, the high-end kitchen and bathroom brands of * * in China are also doing OEM production for international brands, which is called OEM for short. The things you buy abroad at a price several times higher than that in China are likely to be OEM production by our domestic enterprises. This time, Dongtai hardware, which is benchmarked with EU standards, is unwilling to OEM others. After having the strength, it began to build its own brand at home and abroad. "Dongtai hardware" has a very good quality in making slide hinges, which promotes our Chinese national brand. We should recommend Chinese * * good slide hinges to Chinese overall kitchen manufacturers. Dongtai has this confidence: our products * * will not lose to international brands. In this context, the China Hardware Association entrusted the * * authoritative * * testing center Foshan Quality Inspection Institute to conduct a one-to-one test and comparison of the main quality indexes of Dongtai hardware products and the indicators of similar products of foreign * * brands according to the important items of the group standards. The results confirmed that Dongtai products exceeded the EU standards in several quality indexes. Through the benchmarking between domestic * * enterprises in the industry and international * * brands, we can give confidence to the industry and Chinese consumers - Chinese hardware products can also be the best * * products in the world, Shi said.

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